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For almost 50 years, Delta Grow has been providing farmers in the Mid-South delta region a local voice in variety selection.  Those years have seen many changes in agriculture and in our company Delta Grow.  Our focus has been and will continue to be our farmers and our family.  We cannot have one without the other.

Growers face many challenges each year.  Cold and wet springs with emergence issues.  Drought.  Never ending cycles of pests and diseases.  Herbicide-tolerant weeds.  The agronomists and salesmen of Delta Grow continually search for answers to grower problems.  
The new Liberty Link varieties offer high yield and options for Palmer amaranth control.  Delta Grow has a new conventional variety for those needing to deliver trait-free soybeans.  We still keep your “old standby” type glyphosate tolerant varieties with reliable, tried and true performance.   Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® varieties are also excellent yielders with several disease package and STS herbicide tolerance offerings.  There is a bean for every scenario out there in our product line.  
We know you have lots of seed companies to choose from in the marketplace.  Thank you for choosing Delta Grow to provide quality seed and top notch customer service.


Lee Hughes, President

Delta Grow Seed Co., Inc.

Thank You Delta Grow Customers